Welcome to Wildfire Farms

We raise 100% natural grass fed and finished beef, and naturally raised chicken and pork.

Our meats are free of drugs, hormones, antibiotics, animal-by-products, soy and corn. 

Grass Finished Beef

For 20 years, we’ve had grass fed and finished beef for our family members and in the past few years, we decided to share our grass finished beef with you. Our beef is free of hormones, steroids, fertilizers, animal by-products or antibiotics. Read more

In the summer on Saturdays, you can find us at the Marché St. Norbert Farmers' Market in Winnipeg. Throughout the year we have selected meeting points where you can pick up your orders. You can order by going to our online store or to contact us.

Free Roaming Chickens

Our pastured chickens are raised outdoors from spring to fall. They spend their days outside and forage in plants, eating insects and grains. Read more.

We have chickens available for September - October. Ordering is based on availability due to limited quantities. If you are interested email us or check our  online store  to order chickens. 


Berkshire Pork

Our Heritage Berkshire pigs are free to roam and dig. They are free to be indoors or outside as the barn door is always open to the outdoor pen.  We raise a few handfuls at a time to limit the cramming of pens. They are fed a combination of grains and organic clippings from our vegetable garden.  Read more.

If you are interested check our online store or contact us.